Dear Service Customer,
Thank you for your continued support of our pool service business. We enjoy providing you with a safe and fun space to swim. Keeping your water healthy and appealing and your equipment running efficiently remains our main goals in servicing your pools. Like many small businesses we continue to be challenged by rising costs, attracting, and retaining certified professional staff, and staying current with changing technologies.

To better serve our customers and to meet evolving requirements around data privacy, we are announcing several changes to our processes for registering, scheduling, and invoicing your service needs. We are implementing pool service management software to assist us in delivering a superior service product. The new system will provide a portal for you to see your services and water chemistry from each visit. We will be able to capture and store pictures of your systems and the work performed during each visit.

To sign up for 2024 pool services, please fill out the attached form, scan, and return to or complete the service form on our website The service form highlights the service options and pricing for the specific service. If your pool is greater than 40,000 gallons, or you do not know the size of your pool, please call our office and we can help determine the correct size and pricing. With the Paradise Pool Package, you may bundle all the pool services for a 5% discount on the specific services when you prepay the entire season based on expected opening and closing dates. Please note the 5% discount is only for the covered services and does not apply to additional chemicals or other repair and maintenance services needed during the pool season.

We will do our best to schedule your services based upon your requested dates; however, we will issue final schedules in the spring as we firm up the actual openings and valets requested. To better manage our business and the services provided, we will be scheduling based on zip codes and customer concentration for route design. While not required, we do suggest you are home for the opening and closing of the pool so we can review and discuss any water or equipment needs.

Unless you have prepaid your services, you will be sent a visit summary from our pool software system, and you will receive an invoice from our QuickBooks system after each service. To provide better privacy for your financial information, we will no longer maintain your credit card in our files. You have several options to pay your invoice. You may click on the invoice and enter your credit card or banking information to process the payment. QuickBooks is compliant with today’s privacy requirements. You may call our office and we can process your credit card through our QuickBooks system. We will not retain your credit card information. You may mail or bring a check to our office. However, all outstanding invoices must be paid prior to any future service.

We have included the 2024 Chemical and 2024 Service price lists. Please note that our listed chemical prices include delivery but do not include the sales tax that will be added to the invoice. Our weekly valet services include balancing chemicals for alkalinity, pH, and chlorine stabilizer as determined by the weekly testing. Additional chemicals required to maintain healthy pool water can be taken from your inventory or from our inventory and invoiced with each visit. Typical chemicals for water treatment include tabs, shock, algaecide, and stain & scale remover.

Please see the attached Q&A for more information and we look forward to ensuring you have a safe, healthy, and fun swimming season.

The BBC Pool Service Team