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Make sure your swimming pool is ready for jumping, diving, and splashing. While you may only use your pool for a few short months, pool maintenance is important year-round to ensure a healthy swimming area. One of the most important elements of having a clean and safe swimming pool is using the proper chemicals at the ideal levels. BBC Pool Service offers residents in Lehigh and Northampton counties in Pennsylvania a wide range of pool cleaning and maintenance solutions. Learn more about our pool services and how to safely handle and store chemicals.

Equipment For Testing The Quality Of Pool Water And Cleaning A Pool

Well-Balanced Pool Chemical Levels

When you put chemicals into your swimming pool, it helps ensure the water is safe for swimming. Maintaining the proper balance of these chemicals is what keeps your pool water clean and helps prevent discoloration. The water in your pool typically won’t be changed for several years and will endure stagnating periods while unused. During these times, a good chemical balance is still needed to keep your pool ready for your initial spring opening and those upcoming heavy-use months.
Not paying attention to your pool’s chemical levels can end up being a costly mistake. Too much of the wrong chemical can cause significant damage to your pool’s features, materials, and equipment. And if you are not closely monitoring its chemical levels, your swimming pool may become unusable for periods of time.

Pool Chemicals from Top Brands

As experts in all things pool service, we offer our customers a variety of pool chemicals to help make their swimming areas clean and safe. The chemicals we provide include:

  • 25-lb ProTeam 3-in Pure Tabs Bucket
  • 50-lb ProTeam 3-in Pure Tabs Bucket
  • 1-lb ProTeam Power 73 Shock (case of 12)
  • 12-lb AquaPerl Perlite DE Substitute
  • 1-qt ProTeam Polyquat 60% Algaecide
  • 1-qt ProTeam Metal Magic Stain & Scale
  • 1-qt ProTeam Power Enzyme Clarifier
  • 1-gal Muriatic Acid
  • 1-gal Muriatic Acid (case of 4)
  • 20-lb ProTeam Supreme Plus
  • 45-lb ProTeam Supreme Plus
  • 20-lb Calcium Hardness
  • 25-lb Alkalinity Increaser (Sodium Bicarb)
  • 10-lb Alkalinity Increaser (Sodium Bicarb)
  • 5-lb pH Increaser
  • 10-lb pH Increaser
  • 40-lb Salt

Please note: Our pricing includes delivery within our geographic area (Lehigh and Northampton counties). All merchandise must be paid for before delivery.

Safe Pool Chemical Handling and Storage

Almost all pool chemicals are powerful substances intended to shock your pool’s water, effectively cleaning it. If handled improperly, these harsh chemicals can cause burns and other injuries. They’re designed to be diluted in the water, making them most hazardous in their concentrated form. Tips for proper chemical handling include:

  • Read all product labels and directions before application
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Wash hands after working with pool chemicals
  • Keep children and animals away from your pool supply storage area
  • Promptly respond to skin irritations that may arise

Knowing how to properly store your pool’s chemicals is equally important. Since they are potentially hazardous substances, they are best stored in a secure area with controlled access. Tips for proper chemical storage include:

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and humidity: The best place to store pool chemicals is in an area that does not receive direct sunlight. Many chemicals may react poorly in bright conditions.
  • Provide plenty of ventilation: Dangerous fumes can accumulate if pool chemicals begin to react. Having adequate ventilation can help minimize the risks associated with this issue.
  • Do not reuse or switch containers: When storing pool chemicals, always use the original container. Each container was designed for the specific storage requirements of the chemical it contains, so it’s never advisable to switch containers.

For more information, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a variety of insights into safe pool chemical storage and handling.

Receive Swimming Pool Chemicals from BBC Pool Service

To ensure your pool is clean and safe, request our professional pool services. With over 20 years of serving Lehigh and Northampton Counties in PA and the surrounding areas, BBC Pool Service has the necessary knowledge and equipment to help make your summer one to remember. To learn more about our swimming pool services, contact us today.


*Due to the increase in costs & high demand for chlorine, prices & availability are subject to change*
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  • 25lb. ProTeam 3” Pure Tabs Bucket
  • 50lb. ProTeam 3” Pure Tabs Bucket
  • 20lb. Omega 3” Trichlor Tabs Bucket
  • 40lb. Omega 3” Trichlor Tabs Bucket
  • 1lb. ProTeam Power 73 Shock – Case of 12
  • 25lb. DE (Diatomaceous earth) Filter Powder
  • 1qt. ProTeam Polyquat 60% Algaecide
  • 1qt. ProTeam Metal Magic Stain & Scale
  • 1qt. ProTeam Power Enzyme Clarifier
  • 1gal. Muriatic Acid
  • Case of (4) 1gal. Muriatic Acid
  • 20lb. ProTeam Supreme Plus
  • 45lb. ProTeam Supreme Plus
  • 20lb. Calcium Hardness
  • 25lb. Alkalinity Increaser (Sodium Bicarb)
  • 10lb. Alkalinity Increaser (Sodium Bicarb)
  • 5lb. PH Increaser (Soda Ash)
  • 10lb. PH Increaser (Soda Ash)
  • 5lb. pH Decreaser (Sodium Bisulfate)
  • 10lb. pH Decreaser (Sodium Bisulfate)
  • 1qt. Phosphate Remover
  • 40lb. Salt
  • Please make checks payable to BBC Pool Service. All prices include delivery when we are in your geographic area. All products being delivered must be paid for prior to delivery.