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Swimming pool owners should always close their pool at the end of the season to avoid damage that can occur throughout the winter. Pool closings are a crucial part of proper pool upkeep to maintain the pool’s high-quality appearance. By having your pool closed by pool service professionals, you can make certain that it’s suitably protected for the winter. Additionally, leaving pool openings to the professionals saves you valuable time and effort and ensures your system is up and running correctly. Pool owners located in Lehigh and Northampton counties in Pennsylvania can count on BBC Pool Service to open and close their swimming pools properly.

Pool Cover for winter protection

Benefits of Hiring Pool Service Professionals

There are numerous advantages to hiring our team of pool service professionals to open and close your residential or commercial pool. Our pool opening and closing services are designed to make maintenance easier for owners, taking some of the hassle out of routine care. Additionally, with the heavy use of chemicals for water treatments, you can count on us to be knowledgeable in pool chemical safety procedures. Here are some of the other advantages of our services:

Pool Opening Benefits

When a pool is opened incorrectly, it can cause costly damages. Hiring BBC Pool Service professionals to open your pool ensures timely care with zero added expenses that can be associated with improper handling. Additionally, we prepare a clean and clear pool upon opening, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living area as soon as possible.

Pool Closing Benefits

Our team employs proper pool closing techniques, which help make the re-opening process much easier in the spring. Before closing, we ensure that the water is balanced and all contaminants are removed. This process of balancing the water keeps your pool cleaner during the off-season. Although some people may attempt to close their pool on their own, another advantage of using professional services is the added safety. BBC Pool Service securely applies the cover to help prevent pets and people from the dangers of unsecured pool covers.

Our Pool Opening and Closing Services

Let our professionally trained opening and closing team help contribute to the longer lifespan of your favorite place to swim and play together in the summer. Customers in Lehigh and Northampton counties in PA can count on BBC Pool Service to open and close their pools with care. An overview of our spring opening and fall winterization services include:

Spring Pool Opening

During our pool opening process, we remove your pool cover, fold it neatly, and store it where you please. We then start up your pool equipment, removing plugs and other parts, and install wall fittings, pool cleaner adapters, baskets, a chlorinator, and your ladders. To get your pool in tip-top shape, we also add chemicals, such as algaecide, stain and scale remover, and shock to the water. To finish up, we vacuum your pool’s floor (for an additional cost), examine equipment for proper operation, and test heaters (if applicable).

Fall and Winter Pool Closing

When we perform a pool closing, we first lower your pool’s water level, below all plumbing lines and equipment. Then, we add a non-toxic antifreeze chemical to the lines to prevent freezing and install plugs and other parts. Next, we remove wall fittings and any baskets, as well as empty the chlorinator. We carefully clean filter grids and cartridges to ensure an easy opening in the spring. After closing off all heater gas valves and storing away ladders, we finish up by adding algaecide, stain and scale remover, and shock, along with securing the cover.

Leave it to the Pool Service Experts at BBC Pool Service

If you are located within the Lehigh and Northampton counties in PA and require swimming pool opening services or closing support, look no further than BBC Pool Service. We have over 20 years of experience in serving the Lehigh Valley and neighboring areas, making us a great resource for pool maintenance. We also offer several additional options, such as weekly and bi-weekly services, chemical applications, pool cleaning, and equipment upgrades. For more information, contact us today.